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eWork Radio FAQ

Instructions to the research-driven browser app we designed to help you focus and take active breaks

What does this app do? We designed this app to help you balance periods of work with periods of rest – during your workday. The app will prompt you to focus for 45 minutes (by playing music that facilitates focus) and then to take a break of up to 15 minutes (by playing music that facilitates active breaks). Therefore, a 8-hour workday, for example, would consist of 8 focus sessions and 8 breaks.

What should I do? All you have to do is start the app in the morning, and it will continue launching the 45-15 minute sessions in a loop. You can pause the session anytime and if you want to take an extended break (for example to have lunch) you can pause your session and come back later. 

Can I adjust the timing of sessions? Currently the sessions are set to last 45 minutes and 15 minutes – however, you can use the three buttons at the bottom of the screen to customise the length of the sessions – by pressing pause and play or starting the next session early. For example, if you are in a focus session, and your flatmate comes over to chat, you can press pause. Similarly, if you are working and you feel that you need a break before the end of the 45 minutes, you can choose to start your break session early. 

How will I know which session I am currently in? You can check this by looking at the app which clearly shows whether you are in a focus or break session. It also contains a countdown timer to show you when the session ends. You will also hear a different type of music during the focus and break sessions. After a while, you will likely get into a routine and easily distinguish the session type just by recognising the music.

Will I receive any information other than the countdown timer in the app and the music? Yes! A couple of minutes before the end of every session (focus or break), you will hear a gentle bell tone to let you know that you will soon be starting a new session. When you’re working, this could prompt you to finish your current sentence and make some notes, so that it’s easy to return to your task after you’ve taken a break. If you are in a break session, the beep may prompt you to walk back to your desk.

Can I use the app when I am in a video meeting or call? Yes! When you are in a meeting – you can either set the volume to zero (so that the music doesn’t disrupt your meeting) or you can pause the session – whichever feels more comfortable to you.