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Research Projects

Promoting Inclusive Research Practices

This project aims to make dementia research more inclusive by creating a roadmap for inclusive recruitment practices that addresses the challenges experienced by researchers and ethnically-minoritized communities using co-production methods. We urgently need greater participation of ethnically-minoritized groups in dementia research to understand the reasons for differences in vulnerability and survival, and to provide better … Continue reading

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Research Compliance Buddy

In recent years, new data protection laws have put more responsibilities on researchers covering how we gather, store and process participant data. Many researchers find these requirements confusing and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of legalese one has to read to truly understand data protection laws and its practicalities. At the … Continue reading

Physical Activity during Lockdown

After the move to remote working erased the need to commute, the gyms closed and, for a period of time, even going out to exercise outside was only allowed once per day, we wanted to understand the role of digital technology in helping people stay active during the lockdown. Continue reading

Adolescent Mental Health and Development in the Digital World

A study investigating the the role of digital technology in the academic and personal lives of undergraduate students who started their courses in autumn 2020. Continue reading

eWork Radio

Try our app to see whether music can help you focus on work and take regular microbreaks. All you have to do to take part is register to use the app and use it while working, for as long as you wish. Read about how we developed the app and our FAQ. Continue reading

eWorkLife Remote Work

We have designed a self-reflection tool which aims to help you understand your remote working needs and provides personalised recommendations for strategies can help improve productivity and work-life balance. Continue reading

Digital emotion regulation

This project aims to develop a novel framework for better understanding digital emotion regulation, ways to study it in everyday settings, and evidence-based recommendations for managing it in ways that benefit individuals and society. Continue reading


Prof Anna Cox and Dr Antonia Rich developed an intervention to improve junior doctors’ well-being. Continue reading


The GetAMoveOn Network+ is an interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners, funded by an EPSRC grant running from June 2016 to the end of May 2021. Our aim is to transform health by enabling people to lead more active lives with the help of digital technologies. Continue reading


ECLIPSE -Exploring the Current Landscape of Intravenous Infusion Practices & Errors Continue reading

Digital Epiphanies

This project seeks to enhance our understanding of the paradoxical and double-edged effects that new technologies and digital practices are having on work-life balance. Continue reading


The aim of the CHI+MED project was to transform the way in which interactive (programmable) medical devices are designed, bought and used, in ways that both prevent and reduce the consequences of medical errors. Continue reading