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Parliamentary Evidence January 2021

Lords Select Committee Inquiry: A National Plan for Sport and Recreation

Submitted by Professor Anna L Cox (University College London) on behalf of the GetAMoveOn Network+ on 28th January 2021

The GetAMoveOn Network+ is an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners, led by Professor Anna Cox (UCL) funded by an EPSRC grant (EP/N027299/1). Our aim is to enhance understanding of how digital technologies and technology-based interventions can help people to lead more active lives. As a ‘Network Plus’ part of our role is to fund other research groups to carry out research that furthers our aims. The findings of some of the research we have funded are particularly relevant to the Committee’s desire to understand how adults of all ages and background can be encouraged to lead more active lifestyles, and provide examples of success stories and good practice. We therefore responded to Question 3 in the Committee’s Call for Written Evidence: How can adults of all ages and backgrounds, particularly those from under-represented groups, including women and girls, ethnic minorities, disabled people, older people, and those from less affluent backgrounds, be encouraged to lead more active lifestyles? If possible, share examples of success stories and good practice, and challenges faced.

Download the written evidence: How can adults lead more active lifestyles?

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