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How to join us

Research staff vacancies

  • none at present

Prospective PhD students

  • I am currently reviewing applications for a start date of Autumn 2025.

Our research

The eWorkResearch group conducts research in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Our research aims to establish the relationships between the design of digital tools and behavioural outcomes, and use this understanding to inform the design of novel interfaces and systems to support people managing their work and wellbeing. Research topics include:

  • The use and design of technologies to improve productivity (the quality and quantity of work) in the new future of work. We are interested in a broad range of work contexts including academia, finance, law, crowdwork, healthcare settings and domestic labour.
  • The use and design of technologies to improve work-related wellbeing, particularly break-taking, post-work recovery and work-life balance.
  • The use and design of technologies that support the values of equality, diversity and inclusion – informed by Feminist HCI and Value Sensitive Design


Who would you be working with?

Check out the people page to see current and former members of the team, and to see our current collaborators.

How to apply

Full details of the application process are online here

Help with your proposal

Know what kind of contribution you want to make:

Use Seven Research Contributions in HCI by Jacob O. Wobbrock to help you think about what you want to do.

How should you structure your proposal?

The following advice is based on Andrew Derrington’s PIPPIN magic formula for structuring a research proposal.

  1. Briefly state the PROMISE. What will your programme of research deliver?
  2. Say why it is IMPORTANT. What gap in the literature does it address? Or which applied problem does it aim to solve?
  3. State up to 3 sub-PROBLEMS. What are the things you need to find the answer to in order to deliver on your promise?
  4. Introduce your PROJECT. Briefly say what sort of approach you will take.
  5. Next decribe how you intend to IMPLEMENT your programme of research. Which methods will you use to find the answer to your 3 sub-problems.
  6. And finally, say what will happen NEXT. What is the potential impact of your project?