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Promoting Inclusive Research Practices

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This project aims to make dementia research more inclusive by creating a roadmap for inclusive recruitment practices that addresses the challenges experienced by researchers and ethnically-minoritized communities using co-production methods.

We urgently need greater participation of ethnically-minoritized groups in dementia research to understand the reasons for differences in vulnerability and survival, and to provide better interventions. We need to know what barriers ethnically-minoritized communities experience that prevent their participation in dementia research projects. We need to know what barriers researchers experience that prevent them from using inclusive recruitment practices. We need to know how to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to improve inclusive recruitment practices.

This project consists of three activities – focus groups, a survey, and a workshop. We will:

  • Conduct focus groups with Black and South Asian community members to identify barriers to participating in dementia research
  • Survey researchers about their current recruitment practices to identify barriers to inclusive recruitment
  • Co-design, with community collaborators, an event that gathers researchers and other stakeholders to ideate and co-produce a roadmap of inclusive recruitment practices for dementia research that articulates what works to address the challenges experienced and why

We will produce a roadmap which will be disseminated via stakeholders, mailing lists, and as an infographic.

People and Funding

This project is being led by Dr Natalie Marchant and Prof Anna Cox in collaboration with Lynis Lewis NOCLOR, Ione Fraser, Lorraine Cezair-Phillip, Dr Naaheed Mukadam, Jabeer Butt OBE Race Equality Foundation, Dr Harpreet Sihre and Prof Katerina Fotopoulou.

Researchers contributing to the project include Shiping Chen and Elahi Hossain.

We are funded by the UCL Grand Challenge Justice and Equality.