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Policy Engagement

We regularly get involved in informing public policy on issues of key importance to public health. This is typically in the form of parliamentary evidence or responding to government policy. Professor Anna Cox also serves as a Specialist Advisor to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee at the House of Commons for the Immersive and addictive technologies inquiry.

You can read the evidence we submitted:

  • January 2021: written evidence submitted to the Lords Select Committee Inquiry: A National Plan for Sport and Recreation.
  • December 2020: written evidence submitted to the House of Lords COVID-19 Committee Inquiry: Living online: The long-term impact on wellbeing.
  • August 2020: written evidence submitted to the UK Parliamentary Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, in response to the evidence call, “The impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers”.
  • July 2019: response to the government’s green paper ‘Advancing our Health: prevention in the 2020s’.

Resources for policymakers: