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Do people become over-reliant on cues?

Previous research by Mike Byrne has demonstrated that aggresive cues are effective at reducing post-completion errors.  For such cues to work, they have to appear just-in-time, i.e. at precisely the time the user is supposed to perform the action.  Our question was “do people might become over-reliant on such cues?”  That is, if they missed seeing the cue, or it wasn’t there for some reason, would their performance being adversely affected?  If you’re interested in our results either check out our poster at CogSci 2011 this week or read the paper:

Ament, M., Lai, A. Y. T., COX, A. (2011). The Effect of Repeated Cue Exposure on Post-Completion Errors. CogSci 2011: 33rd annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.